How Should I Care For My Earrings?

1. To protect the luster of your gold jewelry, please avoid letting it come into contact with the cleaning products, because these products will quickly fade the gold and may decompose it. Also, we recommend that you avoid exposing your jewelry to the following environments or touching the following items:
  • Erratic temperature
  • Perfume and cosmetics
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Household chemicals
  2. All items are handmade, and therefore some small imperfections/inconsistencies (that fall within a normal                  range for a handmade item) may occur. 
3. Many styles of earrings may be fragile and delicate, and must be handled with care -- which means that if you bend the parts, scratch the surface, or pull roughly on the components attached with jump rings, they will likely break. Gold-filled wire and earring posts in particular are easily bent due to the softness of gold. We implore you to handle and store every piece carefully.
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